Ealy and Associates Consulting offers external evaluations for Title III and Title V award recipients along with Annual Performance Report (APR) support.

Title III/V External Evaluations

  • What is an external evaluation?
    The purpose of an external evaluation is to provide an objective, independent judgment regarding program effectiveness. This process involves a comparison of project objectives to the procedures and activities stated in the proposal. It is important that the evaluation validate the program by comparing project achievements to program objectives and verify that project funds are spent to meet the needs of those objectives. An external evaluation report will summarize the findings and provide recommendations on how to improve and/or modify their project if necessary.
  • What is the role of an Title III external evaluator?
    The role of an external evaluator is to work closely with the Title III/V Project Directors and Staff on assessing their projects and to provide them with feedback to make their project a success.
  • When is the best time to conduct an external evaluation for Title III/V Project’s?
    It is best to conduct your Title III evaluation in early September or October after a full year of the project is complete or close to be being completed. This gives the institution one year of activity to evaluate and for the external evaluator to make recommendations for upcoming years of the project. However, an external evaluation can be conducted at any time during the project to meet the needs of the institution and should be conducted every year of the project. A summary evaluation of years 1-5 should be completed after the project ends to submit with the final Annual Performance Report (APR).


  • How much does an external evaluation cost?
    The cost of an external evaluation is $8,000 per evaluation. The cost includes a two-day on-site visit, prior preparation work before the on-site visit, travel and meals for the evaluator, and a comprehensive external evaluation report outlining findings and recommendations for improvement for upcoming years of the project. The evaluation report will be provided within 30 days of the on-site visit, this will allow for institutions to submit the evaluation report to the Department of Education along with their Annual Performance Reports.
  • Annual Performance Report (APR) Assistance
    In 2017 the U.S. Department of Education made some significant changes to their Annual Performance Reporting System and it may be overwhelming to those using the system for the first time. Therefore, technical assistance for the annual reporting system is being offered to institutions as a stand-alone service.

    Cost for this service will be pro-rated on an hourly basis depending on the needs of the Project Director and staff. The hourly rate may range between $50.00-$75.00 per hour.